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Ever After High® Enchanted Picnic™ Raven Queen™ Doll
MSRP: $12.99
Appropriate for: 6+
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Ever After High® Enchanted Picnic™ Raven Queen™ Doll

Shut the storybooks you thought you knew because now you can Choose Your Own Ever After™! At Ever After High™, the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairytales decide whether or not to follow in their parents’ fabled footsteps and have lots of their own adventures along the way. Raven Queen™, Cerise Hood™ and Blondie Lockes™ are starting a chapter outdoors with plans for an enchanting picnic. All three look spellbinding in gorgeous gingham dresses with signature style and iconic touches. Raven Queen™ doll, daughter of the Evil Queen, is wicked cool in purple gingham with black raven silhouettes, a high black collar and sheer black peplum. Purple wedge sandals with raven wing details, a silvery studded headband and purple picnic basket-shaped purse complete the charming look. Collect all of the dolls for hexquisite display and storytelling fun (each sold separately). Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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