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EVER AFTER HIGH™ Thronecoming™ Apple White™
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Appropriate for: 6+
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EVER AFTER HIGH™ Thronecoming™ Apple White™

Hexcitement’s in the air at Ever After High! It’s time to spellebrate…time to get epic…time for Thronecoming! Four Ever After High students have been nominated for the role of queen, but the winner is any fairy teenager’s guess. Girls around the world will have the chance to vote for who they think should be crowned! To make their best impression, the Thronecoming court are wearing spellbinding dresses inspired by their favorite animals, like the pet fox of Apple White. Daughter of Snow White and leader of the Ever After Royals, Apple White enchants in a spellbinding gown with red and gold layers, an hexquisite black print on the top overlay and a faux fur jacket. A beautiful red collar is a spellbinding touch, while white gloves with ornate red and black cuffs are some of the fairest accessories ever. For the masquerade ball, a golden mask, luxurious makeup and shimmery hair complete a magical look. Collect all of her competitors (sold separately) for hexquisite display! Ages 6 and older.

  • Who will be crowned as the Ever After High Thronecoming queen? Girls around the world will vote!
  • The royally rebellious Thronecoming court of Raven Queen, C.A. Cupid, Apple White and Blondie Lockes dolls campaign in their most spellbinding looks (each sold separately)!
  • Apple White doll enchants in a spellbinding glittery gown inspired by the snow fox.
  • Luxurious makeup, shimmery hair and an ornate mask complete a stunning look.
  • Posable doll also comes with doll stand and storybook featuring the character’s hexclusive Thronecoming memories.
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