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Ever After High Through The Woods Poppy O'Hair Doll
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Appropriate for: 6+
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Ever After High Through The Woods Poppy O'Hair Doll

It’s a legendary night when C.A. Cupid, Poppy O’Hair, Ashlynn Ella and Blondie Lockes are invited to the hexclusive Blue Moon Forest Fest! Located deep within the enchanted forest, the girls venture “through the woods” to find this epic event. Whether or not they are following in their parents’ fabled footsteps, they are definitely following their chosen path to get to what is sure to be an epic event! Poppy O’Hair, the twin daughter of Rapunzel, has dressed for the occasion in a spellbinding dress with graphic black hair-like swirls, forest-inspired tights and a fableous capelet-style jacket with a touch of smock to honor her desire to style hair happily ever after! Put on the final touches with a statement necklace, silvery earrings and a red knit beret that is completely enchanting. Black traveling booties and a matching lantern will be oh-so-useful on her journey through the woods. And don’t forget the compass -- Poppy O’Hair doll can hold it in her hand! Doll also comes with a doll stand and doll hairbrush (to style her vibrant purple and red locks). Watch the “Through the Woods” story unfold in new webisodes. Collect all of the spellbinding students of Ever After High (sold separately) for hexquisite display and storytelling fun. Each sold separately. Ages 6 and older.

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