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Spring Unsprung Cedar Wood Doll
MSRP: $29.99
Appropriate for: 6+
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Spring Unsprung Cedar Wood Doll

Spring is the season for the Spring Fairest™, a spellebration of renewal and creativity. Each year, a fableous fair is raised at Ever After High™, and the girls get to wear their most spellbinding outfits. This year, Lizzie Hearts™, daughter of Wonderland's Queen of Hearts, has taken it upon herself to design hexquisite dresses for her friends. Cedar Wood™, the daughter of Pinnochio, is true-ly gorgeous in a charming floral and wood-grain print dress with wicked cool black and white patterns to symbolize winter's end and fableous flower details to represent the start of spring. A wood-grain print (just like her skin) on shimmery purple, black and white flowery sheer underskirts, a flowered collar and Pinocchio-inspired belt are luxe details to set imaginations soaring. Amazing accessories -- like a hexquisite flowered hairpiece and necklace, flower-decorated leggings, spelltacular flowered tall sandals, black arm cuffs and a flower-adorned bag -- send this outfit into happily ever after! Girls will love displaying their dolls, recreating favorite scenes and playing out memorable moments from the Spring Unsprung movie. Also included is a matching ring for the girl, so she can wear Spring Unsprung™ fashions, too. With a charming display stand and doll hairbrush included, this posable doll is ready for any fairytale. Plus, an enclosed bookmark contains hexclusive details about Cedar's experience during the Spring Fairest™. Collect all of the spellbinding students of Ever After High™ (sold separately) for hexquisite display and storytelling fun. Includes doll wearing fashion and accessories, purse, display stand, hairbrush. bookmark and flower-decorated ring for the girl. Doll cannot stand alone. A display stand and doll hairbrush extend play and display opportunities with this posable doll

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