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Hat-tastic Briar Beauty Doll
MSRP: $29.99
Appropriate for: 6+
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Hat-tastic Briar Beauty Doll

Madeline Hatter, daughter of the Mad Hatter, is throwing a Hat-tastic Party with all her friends to help save the Wonderland Grove from losing its wonder and magic. Briar Beauty, daughter of Sleeping Beauty and a member of the Ever After Royals, is dressed tea-rifficly for the occasion in a modern harajuku-inspired dress. Charming accents include a beautifully detailed rose and thorn print in her signature colors on her layered skirt and black mesh tights. Pink and silver heels, a charming “beaded” handbag and a beautiful rose-detailed hat are spellbinding touches. While wearing hexquisite black gloves, she can sip tea in epic style from her personalized rose teacup and personalized teapot. A special color streak in her enchanting hairstyle adds an extra-modern edge to her fairytale-inspired look. The posable doll’s details make for hexquisite display. Doll comes with purse, hairbrush, teapot, teacup and doll stand. Collect her tea-party friends to expand the guest list. Ages 6 and older.

  • Briar Beauty is tea-rifficly dressed for Madeline Hatter doll’s Hat-tastic Party in a modern harajuku-inspired dress.
  • Spellbinding details include a rose and thorn print in her signature colors, a layered skirt and black mesh tights.
  • A beautiful rose-detailed hat and blue “beaded” bag are spellbinding touches.
  • She comes with a personalized tea set in pretty pink with green accents.
  • Collect her friends forever after (sold separately) to expand the guest list!
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